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Grand Challenges 2018

Manycore Grand Challenges Workshop

Thursday 5th April 2018

Queen's University Belfast

As part of our EPSRC network funding, we made a commitment to draw up a set of manycore grand challenges. This workshop is the first activity to kickstart this activity.


Outline agenda below. Slides and discussion notes available now.

  • 10-11: Deconstructing Grand Challenges [pdf] What is a grand challenge, or moonshot? Why do we need them? We review similar exercises in the past, and highlight successes and failures.
  • 11-12: Discussion about Manycore Grand Challenges [notes.txt] We aim to construct a list of 10 to 20 challenges, which will be whittled down through the day. These are research problems / real-world challenges that we want the manycore community to address. Bring Your Own Challenge!
  • 12-1230: Discussion about Grand Challenge Activities Should we run hackathons? Workshops? Curate an interactive website? Publish a journal special issue?
  • 1230-1330: lunch
  • 1330-1400: Interactive Voting Exercise We aim to identify the top N grand challenges.
  • 14-15: Moving Forward Discussion about timeline for activities, champions for grand challenges. Strategy for community engagement.


The Grand Challenges workshop is at the Riddel Hall, kindly organized by the School of EEECS at Queen's University Belfast.