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HiPEAC 2018 Workshop

MaRIONet at the HiPEAC Conference 2018

The annual HiPEAC conference was held in Manchester, 22-24 January 2018. We organized a MaRIONet workshop day on Wed 24 Jan. Check out the HiPEAC website for details. Participants needed to register for the HiPEAC conference to attend our workshop day, which restricted our workshop size somewhat. Overall, around 25 people attended throughout the day.

The highlight event was a dragon's den style research competition, with volunteers giving five-minute pitches to a panel of (hypothetical) venture capitalists. A range of interesting ideas included supercomputing clusters on aircraft carriers, time-travelling microprocessors, anticipative Alexa ...

One workshop attendee commented: "Well done on a really nice workshop at Hipeac. I was just able to attend the keynote and the dragon's den, but both were very unorthodox, interesting, informative, and entertaining! We could do with more events like these to liven up our conferences."